January 23, 2002

A car, a monorail, and a train are available for Teleoperation at the  LEGO SENSORS City in January 2002.  From the Red Rover Red Rover side you can operated the other monorail and gate. The live view on shows the end of the CITY that can be programmed over the Internet by RoboLab.  Through the Red Rover Red Rover software you can operate and see the the view from the opposite side.
See for instructions.
Davis Creek demonstrated the program writing and sending of RoboLab program as a mission to SENSORS CITY.
At the City some of the people that have teleoperated from their offices also received teleoperators licenses.
Miller Elementary TAG and fourth grade students used Red Rover and wrote RoboLab programs.  Each group passed on the knowledge of how to send a mission to the LEGO CITY.  At Martha Elementary, the after school LEGO group built new projects and put them together to start setting up their own city.  Each Martha student teleoperated the LEGO CITY at Marshall University by Red Rover of RoboLab program missions through SENSORSCITY.

Mrs. Simon has been a Teleoperator of the SENSORSCITY.

Write a program to have the train go.
And it did! Way too fast!
Power level 2.5 is just right.

See the train in the back of the Red Rover picture.

The train is in front on is month.

Harry Potter is on top of the CITY

Barbara Roberts Teleoperated from her office at the Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute.

Errin Jewell  and Pam Hamilton

Juan Bueno

Car to Martha

Congratulations! Teleoperators!
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