The Davis Creek Elementary Red Rover Is Up and Running
In a Big Way the Start of School Year 2000-2001

The DavisCreek.cabe.K12.WV.US Mars Rover is in its mining box and ready for driving.
Jay is driving the DC Red Rover as Mrs. Simon drives the MU RCX cars.
Plans for setting up city traffic from Marshall University were checked out from Davis Creek.
Both the Red Rover Goes to Mars project of  NASA and the Planetary Society and the k12 Transportation projects of Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute use LEGO robotics.  This summer we were successful using ROBOLAB to teleoperate LEGO robotics vehicles through the internet.
Davis Creek Elementary is the Red Rover "Mars" site.  An "earth" site was set up from the Marshall Math department, the Marshall University Drinko Library, and from the home of a student.
View in the DC Mars Box.
View through the clear bottom.
Mrs. Simon took this picture view of MU from DC.
DC Mars minning box as seen from MU.
 Marshall University as seen from Davis Creek Elementary
Davis Creek Elementary  as seen from  Marshall University.
The first picture of the year taken from Davis Creek Red Rover is of the mining box under "Mars". 
 The computer that runs the Red Rover software is in front of a map of  Australia.
 Mrs. Simon took the first picture of  Marshall robotics from Davis Creek.
 Jay is driving.
The conference room in the Drinko Library at Marshall University is set up with live video possible to the Buck Harless Center in Gilbert, WV.
Computer expert, Travis, is helping with the many hardware and software connections.

The conference rooms in Drinko Library at Marshall University have two kinds of video, audio, speaker phone, and computer connections to other rooms in the library, and many other distance locations.
Travis helped Linda Hamilton and son, Jay, set up and check out some of the possibilities for distance learning.  Linda Hamilton, math department at Marshall, and Sharon Simon, 5th grade teacher at Davis Creek Elementary have been doing LEGO math/science projects with a NASA k12 outreach grant  for the last 3 years.  The Mars Rover has been part of Virtual space camps and teleoperation from area schools and homes.  Chris, a students from an area middle school, has been working on the Red Rover Goes to Mars project.  He set up an earth site at home. Clayton Brooks, math department at Marshall, checked out the Red Rover "earth" software on a Win 95 computer.

Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute
Davis Creek Elementary LEGO SITE MAP
Linda Hamilton
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
17 Sept  MM