Assumption College

University Transportation Center at Assumption

AppaLEGO project was accepted as a research proposals for projects embodying the Center's theme,
"Transportation and Environmental Education for the 21st Century,"
that can be incorporated into the teaching of
math, science and social studies in grades K-12. Funded by a matching grant from the US
Department of Transportation's Research and Special Programs Administration, TEE-21's mission
is to support the development and dissemination of natural and social science curricula
incorporating the relationships between transportation and both the natural and social

The group of people representing 2001 grant recipients.

Dr. Charles W. Estus, Sr. is director of UTC at Assumption College

Above are examples of LEGO projects that are used in
at the CITY at ATI and in k12 outreach.

Note: The LOGO for Assumption College University Transportation Center almost looks like Linda Hamilton's front yard.

May 4th 2001  grant given to Linda Hamilton by University Transportation Center at Assumption College.

Linda Hamilton
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