University Transportation Center
                            -Transportation and Environmental Education for the Twenty-First Century-

                            Assumption College
                            Worcester, Massachusetts 01609
                            I. Project No. 0106

                            II. Project Title:

                            AppaLEGO City: Using LEGO Robotics to Model Intelligent Transportation Systems

                            III. Principal Investigator:

                            Linda Hamilton, Instructor, Department of Mathematics, Appalachian Transportation Institute, Marshall
                            University, 400 Hal Greer Boulevard, Huntington, WV 25755; Phone: (304) 696-6660; email:

                            IV. External Contact:

                            Dr. Charles W. Estus, Sr., Director, UTC, Assumption College

                            V. Project Objective:

                            To teach math and science in grades K-12 using a LEGO model city equipped for the study of urban traffic
                            and environmental pollutants.

                            VI. Project Abstract:

                            The project is designed to extend successful earlier work utilizing LEGO robotics to assist students in
                            learning abstract concepts in K-12 science and math. A high-tech model city will be built complete with
                            roads, bridges and traffic incorporating intelligent transportation systems, using sensor input for traffic
                            monitoring and control and for measuring environmental pollutants. Using RoboLab, a system developed
                            by NASA to control and monitor the Sojourner Rover's positions on Mars, teachers and students will be
                            able to drive vehicles, monitor traffic and pollution in classroom visits on site. Finally, a website will be
                            created that will give teachers and their students easy access to AppaLEGO City for use in their

                            VII. Dates: 1 June 2001 - 31 May 2002

                            VIII. Total Budget: $5,600.00

                            IX. Student Involvement:

                            100+ students ranging in age from three years to fourteen

                            X. Technology Transfer:

                            The website created for the project will give access to teachers around the nation and world. The project
                            will be modeled at the UTC Projects Conference in May, 2002.

                            XI. Potential Benefits:

                            A successful model for teaching abstract science and math concepts to students K-12 using LEGO
                            technology, will be used to incorporate the study of urban transportation issues into teaching math and

                            XII. TRB Keywords:

                            surface transportation, environmental effects

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