Biographical sketch for Linda Hamilton

Linda L. Hamilton

Degree: Masters in Mathematics

Address: LEGO City at Nick J Rahall, II Transportation Institute

Phone (304) 696-7166


Linda Hamilton has been working with LEGO materials since 1973 when her children were youngsters.   She saw the value that using LEGO education materials made in her children's daily activities, such as problem solving, constructive imagination, teamwork, math, and science.
When her youngest was at Davis Creek Elementary, she started doing math projects using LEGO materials in the fifth grade. She began a career as a LEGO consultant in the spring of 2000 with the Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute (RTI), taking LEGO materials to ten or more schools each semester and engaging the students in hands on activities.  These activities are designed to allow the children to formulate a hypothesis and then test it with the robot which they build.  They work together in teams to collaborate on projects such as city planning and building.  She does public service by bring LEGO actives to such groups as Success by 6 of the United Way and Engineering Career Day . She conducts summer camps for local libraries, 4-H groups, the community college and RTI.  She also mentors Robotics teams and organizes an event for the international FIRST LEGO League competition for youth age 9 to 14 each year beginning in September.
Mrs. Hamilton has taught  mathematics at Marshall University since 1986.
She is married to Dr. John Drost, a Marshall University mathematics professor and has  3 grown children.

Linda Hamilton

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