FIRST LEGO League 2006 Team Time Kick Off

September 16, 2006

FIRST LEGO League teams are invited to come on Saturdays to Marshall University.

Today we built a 2006 field set up and tried out some programming.

Adults had a chance to talk and plan. Team members had a chance to make plans.

FLL is a great way for generations to be together.

T-shirts.  Bots.

How to get materials organized worked out well..

We will need to plan the battery back up.

Programming was the biggest new idea. However two challenges were done at least two ways.

Challenge projects made

before going to lunch.

Davis Creek team also came the after noon session.
So there was Barboursville Middle, Milton Middle and Davis Creek.


RCX robots and NXT robots all worked out.

By the end of the day a 2006 set was complete and checked out.

We even had time to check out the LEGO City.

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With support from
NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium.