Culloden Cats and
Beverly Hills Biomedical Engineers
October 9, 2010

Culloden Cats are researching sleep apnea.

Some masks are more comfortable than others.

They are running through all their programs and figuring out what order to put them in.

The Beverly Hills Biomedical Engineers are working on programs on the far end.

Time for a story about what happens in Team Time.

Teams are showing gracious professionalism.

Working on shirts.

There is an app for scoring FLL 2010 Body Forward.

Now both teams have it.

Missions are getting consistent.

Nice runs for all of Culloden missions.

Out for lunch and Frisbee break.


see the FLL 2010 Body Forward missions and programming.

They know LabView.

They run a program at SENSORSCITY

Then back to research for Beverly Hills Biomedical Engineers.

Story time place
Organs, blood, lungs, heart
Presentation on organs

Beverly Hills Biomedical Engineers are working on arthritis.

Check out possible experts

A little young to have eyes in the back of her head.

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