3 Teams

Culloden    Eaglesnest

Beverly Hills
October 23, 2010

and a Jr. FLL team

We ended up with four FLL 2010 fields set up.
We were hoping for the Hite Saunders group, also.

The runs by Culloden were impressive.

Eaglesnest is here!

They are organizing their time.

The younger groups is also very with it.

Beverly Hill Robot

Culloden robot                  Eaglesnest robot

This is the younger group's model that lights up.

Programming in NXT G is taking different amounts of room.

Different firmware makes a huge difference.

Beverly Hills is doing much research and presentation work

Culloden has many missions.

It is hard to get the timing just right for both sides.

Culloden can do a wheely and get both brain parts.

Research ideas.

Eaglesnest robot version number ?

Showing missions to other teams.

Pressure tester

and medicine.
Good place to stop for today.

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