September 25, 2010
Massimo Bardi, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology
came today to see what FLL 2010 is
and to talk with us about the brain.

First he got to see the FLL 2010 Body Forward field set up,

some of the robots

and how programming goes.

Jr. FLL are working on their Parkinson's deep brain stimulation model and voice box replacement model.

FIRST LEGO League Core Values


Dr. Mike Little has graciously let us use the public technology area.
He is looking forward to expanding STEM projects here.

Then we got ready to hear our speaker - Massimo Bardi, Ph.D.

He said it is important that the students do what their are doing
- using their brain to do this kind of heavy and fun thinking.

He talked about how the eye does not really see what is out there like a chair.
It is the mind that takes the information and forms what we "see".
The students enjoyed speaking with you to able to get an idea of how the eye relates to the Brain
The group working on arthritis also was interested that a happy brain can influence how bad arthritis is for a person.

We are going to program the robot to do the heart missions.

Load, check,


Here are two missions done.

It was a beautiful day and the lunch hour was well spent in motion outside.
After lunch they got another Frisbee. Now back to work.

They are documenting what they do.

At the end the groups got together to do their debriefing.
Those that had not gone to a State Tournament asked questions about what happens there.

Thank you again to Dr. Massimo Bardi.

Massimo Bardi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Harris Hall 212, Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington WV 25755

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