You and your families and friends are invited to the
FIRST LEGO League 2010 Body Forward Public Event
 at Marshall University Morrow Library Room 100

FLL 2010 Intro: Explore the cutting-edge world of Biomedical Engineering to discover innovative ways
to repair injuries, overcome genetic predispositions, and maximize the body's potential,
with the intended purpose of  leading happier and healthier lives.

Team Information:
Pit - Each FLL team selects an area with white board and table for their computer
and posters, etc. in room 100. Only write on your own board.
No running, food, or drink.
Keep all pieces in your set or on your bot or in your "garage."
Game area - There will be two Body Forward table set up in the middle of room 100
for the 3 two and a half minute rounds for each FLL team.
Presentation Area - The front of room 100 (i.e. that door you could not go through) is for presentations.
There is a huge white board  and the projector may still work.
Entrance area -The area between the doors on the campus side and room 100
is for eating and talking and viewing Jr.FLL models and Show Me Posters.
Bring lunch or snacks. We are working on Pizza.
Practice table - The hall to the west of room 100 will have a practice set up on the floor.
Officials' room - Teams will show their robot and programs to a judge
some time during the day.
Play room - The hall to the east of room 100 will be for building play, and teamwork project.
There will be DUPLO and LEGO blocks for young and old to keep busy.

FLL teams will be judged by officials on -
The Robotics Competition ("The Game" 2 1/2 minutes),
The Research Project ( 5 min. presentation on challenge topic),
TEAMWORK (how well we work together as a team),
Robot Design, Programming,
and Gracious Professionalism.

Also - Bookmark Awards:
Awards will be given to students by other students who are commending their gracious professionalism,
team work, robot building and programming.
These awards are given student to student with comments written on the back by the student giving the award to explain why it was given.

Jr. FLL teams will be judged on -
The LEGO model
The Show Me Poster
The presentation
and Gracious Professionalism

FLL Teams may want to bring the following.
Computer, Robot, "garage" for carrying around the robot, attachments and extra LEGO pieces, print out of programs,
posters, tape, dry erase markers for writing on your white board, food, snacks, drinks, and materials for your presentation
and your team information sheet..


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