Jay Drost and Linda Hamilton built a trip within a trip to take LEGO transportation to Houston schools and present at year of
LEGO transportation projects at a wonderful train station near Boston.

Consulting for LEGO robotics Trainers at Houston ISD was June 4th  and 5th.  Presenting AppaLEGO grant results was on
June 8th, 2002 for University Transportation Center of Assumtion College.

The trip from Barboursville, West Virginia, to Boston and back was a car trip on city streets, Interstate, toll roads, and highways.  But between Boston and Houston and back was air transportation.  We enjoyed the public transportation of the T in and around Boston.

We stopped at Assumption College University Transportation Center.

The AppaLEGO presentation was in Union Station.

Trains went by.

Jay Drost helped with the LEGO City presentation of the AppaLEGO Project.

LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu

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