Remarks: LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
             06/18/2001 3:17 PM

  LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton reflects the belief that true learning of
  mathematics and science come from interactive participation of the
  learner.  Curricula too often stress the factual material that
  requires students only to retain and recall information on command.
  Mastery learning demands much more of the student.  Using LEGO materials
  students can learn about physical aspects of math and science as well as
  incorporating language arts, problem solving, and real life skills
  necessary to fulfill their potential in life.  The lessons learned are
  not limited to one aspect of education but carry over into everything
  else that student tackles.  In working with students of different ages
  and abilities we have found that the LEGO materials present a challenge
  that can be addressed by all students willing to work.  LEGO materials
  have also given local students a chance to communicate with other
  students on a world wide basis.  Students feel connected to the LEGO
  projects because they can become an endless variety of models.  These
  projects also encompass technology via use of the computer to plan,
  program, and operate robotic vehicles as well as keeping a permanent
  record of student work.  LEGO projects are truly adaptable to any
  subject area and the educational gains can measured in all subject areas
  of a curriculum.

  Linda Hamilton

  NASA K12 Outreach Mars Red Rover Project
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