December 2013

This is the last month of SENSORSCITY.

Merry Christmas
(Turkey made it through November again!)

When I started this project I thought people would be on Mars soon.
I am glad there have been more robotic vehicles.

You can see everything move
on the camera at

as you Teleoperate it on

 you can program things to go around, and back and forth and get data back
using LEGO® robotics at Marshall University.

Send programs to  SENSORSCITY.
- See Instructions-
Click this link for the directory with Example programs to use at SENSORSCITY.
 Click and save a file that ends in .vi to your computer to use to send a mission.
The RoboLab Programs are the files that end in .vi and the .jpg are pictures of the programs.
 Note:   A car goes between the Lamp on port A which is across from the light sensor on port 1.
 Monorail motor is on port B and touch sensors on both ends of the track are on port 2.
Port C changes each month.
Port 3 is a light sensor facing the flag stand.
(See the color challenge.)

Below is an example of the data you will get back.
The red line dips at each time the car passes in front of  light sensor on port 1.
The blue line steps up each time the touch sensor at an end of the monorail was touched.
The yellow line is the data back from the light sensor facing the windmill.

Color Challenge
See if you can tell what color is in front of the light sensor when the program stops.
Look at the camera
then look at your data to see if you are right.

Various parts of the CITY also operate when you run programs through Red Rover.
To see the camera refresh faster use Red Rover as an Earth site.

LEGO simple machines have been constructed on the Space Station.
How will that be different that what I do on earth?

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