LEGO Robotics
Linda Hamilton
NASA Mid-AltanticRegional Space Grant Meeting
Newark, Delaware
September 23 - 24, 2004

Dr. Majid Jaraiedi, Director
NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium
had me report on the LEGO robotics projects
I have been able to do with West Virginia students through a K12 WV Space Grant.
My greatest joys have been seeing student get excited about Mars exploration.
Last year the FIRST LEGO League challenges theme was Exploration Mars.

This year students will be trying their hand at robotics to help people with different levels of physical ability.

I was able to show the people at the conference that from
anywhere anyone
can connect to the Mars Station at Marshall University
and Teleoperate the Mars Rover model live over the Internet.

Teleoperate Mars Station South Pole at

You can also teleoperate the LEGO city robotics by sending programs

and receive back data from the sensors.
NASA site of Remote Sensing on

During the conference these young people tried their hand at the LEGO robotics challenges.

Perhaps we went on to be a FLL team.

My traditional pictures at a conference are a LEGO robot at dinner and a mirror picture of me.

We were treated to models and movies and the real materials that have gone in space.

My formal presentation was on September 24, 2004

Powerpoint Link

I took pictures of
real examples of robotic or technological solutions to everyday challenges.

"In this year's challenge, FLL teams will find ways to help people with different levels of physical ability.
The dream of a modern society is one of equal access for all. Society as a whole benefits when creativity, technology and open minds
come together to help make that equality possible for all people, regardless of physical differences.
Many people have difficulty moving or walking, or trouble reading a distant sign or climbing stairs. The 2004 FLL Challenge is to
examine these seemingly simple tasks in a new light and explore how technology and human thought can work together to create equal
access for all people.
Each FLL team will build and program a robot that addresses the specific needs of people who face physical challenges in today's
society. Teams will research and present robotics technology solutions to help individuals in their community perform the everyday
actions that many people today take for granted."

Teams will work in their schools during the week and will come together on Saturdays for Team Time.

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