After Event

Public Event at Marshall University Morrow Library was on December 4, 2010

December 9, 2010

Mrs. Withers got to find out from the students how the event went and hand out the teams certificates.

They looked very professional in their presentation.
They made their teacher proud.

Today one of the students gave a Power Point presentation to the class.
He had gotten so interested in Sickle Cell Anemia that he did even  more research.

Then we played a Biomedical engineering game of Creationary.

MRI machine                   Tooth

Creationary with Biomedical technology theme.
We have 10 cards with 4 projects each.
The green upper left section is organs or body parts such as a broken leg.
The yellow upper right section is vehicles such as ambulance or racing wheel chair.
The red lower left section is a building or structure such as and emergency room or hospital bed.
The blue lower right section is a biomedical tool such as pill dispenser or cast cutter.

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