TAG City

February 28, 2011

What career are you thinking about for yourself when you grow up?
Each group of three is to build a vehicle, a place to work, and a place to live.

Transportation, a Place to Live, and  a Place to Work
using LEGO® Duplo® Materials to be constructive, learn about careers, and build a city.

The TAG classes came to the Rahall Transportation center by bus.

First we circle the room and get an idea of how much room we will take.

  Then start to build.

After the parts were made and moved into the middle of the room
the students helped put together the train track.

Then they got to run the  trains and tell about their parts of the city.

After they dismantled the city they ate their lunch.

During that time a few of the parents visited the LEGO City on the second floor.

Today was the last day of the February weather theme.

There is also 2010 FIRST LEGO League set up.
The view on the right is what you can see over the internet on http://legocamera.marshall.edu

All the materials are packed and ready to go home.

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