Success By 6

The little ones built a city
to go with the robotic one at
Nick J. Rahall, II Transportation Institute at Marshall University.

What is Success By 6 ®?

Success by 6®, an initiative of United Way, seeks to ensure that all children are ready physically, mentally, developmentally, emotionally and socially to begin kindergarten.

The United Way's Success By 6® is the nation�s largest network of early childhood coalitions, focused on improving school readiness through community change. Success by 6® coalitions throughout the country have been raising awareness of the importance of early childhood development, improving access to services, advocating for public policies and overhauling systems-budgets, law and support-to improve young children�s lives.

The United Way Born Learning® (  is a new national public engagement campaign, focused on creating early opportunities for young children. Public service advertising, a Web site and educational materials givs parents and informal caregivers easy, do-able action steps to help young children learn.

The United Way of River Cities Success By Six® initiative is committed to the proposition that it is the simple things that make a difference in building a young child�s foundation for future success. The Born Learning® campaign has shown how to turn everyday activities into opportunities to encourage learning. It is built on the idea that while children are born learning, parents, grandparent and caregivers can encourage that learning in everyday moments.


Success By 6® seeks to build awareness and understanding of the importance of early brain development to the future success of children.

Success By 6® seeks to support and/or initiate public and private collaborations that improve and/or expand the current range of services for children & families.

Who is Success By 6 ®?

United Way of the River Cities adopted this national initiative beginning in 1999. The local initiative is a collaborative of many community partners, including local child care centers; the pubic school system; local hospitals; local media; and agencies that address early childhood education, health and development.

These partners not only help to identify needs for young children in our community, but also provide representation to the Success By 6® Committee that governs all programming.

For more information, please contact:

Deborah Somuano� Community Initiatives Coordinator
(304) 523-8929 ext.7


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