Camp Sampler
I work with people 4 to 84 and three type LEGO® projects.
Young Builders using LEGO® Duplo materials
Technology Building LEGO® Education materials such as simple machines
Robotics RCX and NXT robotics
Ages groups over lap as do projects.

Projects are made with gears and TOOLO®.

Robotics can run in environments made of Duplo size materials.

City builds

Robotics here and over the web to Marshall University

These machines  use gears, pulleys, wheels and axles.

Farm and train

Tubes and balls

 LEGO® soft

"Recycling bins" for blue, green, yellow, and red.


There was and old lady who lived is a shoe.
                                   She had so many children that the neighbors helped out by bringing food.

TOOLO®  projects are fun.

Robotics can be programmed to do missions in environments made of Duplo size materials.
See examples of Mini Challenges


Machines and critters

See other ideas on Lesson Plans

Mystery Object.


with Duplo®

AppaLEGO City at Marshall University can be run over the internet from anywhere.

Pack up for another day.

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