Miss Adventure 1,2

Surviving the terrible storm is only the beginning of my story.
I have been stranded on what seems to be a deserted island.
Fortunately, the wreckage of The Miss Adventure is  hung up on a reef.

Design Challenge 1:
Stay Afloat: Design and build something to move you and your supplies from the wreckage to shore.
My first challenge was getting supplies from the ship to the shore.

Design Challenge 2:
A Home is a House for Me Design and build a shelter to protect yourself and your supplies.
I thought that getting things on shore was tough. Building my home was a real challenge.

August 2, 2010

Start with a group project  - SUDOKU

Build a bridge from instructions to learn about stability.

Fast build

Build a boat and see how many trips it would need to move all the pieces.

Build a house.

A motorized way to move all the pieces.

And put away all the pieces.

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