August 5, 2010
Well, things are beginning to look up. I've built a vehicle from some of the extra supplies and set off to explore parts unknown.

Teleoperate AppaLEGO CITY at
This is where #1 motorized simple machiine set is right now.
Control the merry go rounds like those made this week.

Design Challenge 6:
Take a Look Around

You are bored and anxious waiting for help. Exploring the island is a good idea.
It keeps you busy and who knows - you may find someone or something to help. What kind of vehicle can you design to travel on the island?
How can you avoid or overcome obstacles along the way, such as gullies, large boulders, trees?
What about supplies?

Design Challenge 7: Energy to the Rescue
Let's review all that you have done.
After surviving the shipwreck, you managed to get yourself and some supplies to the island.
You built a shelter, a way to collect water, a way to gather or capture food, a communication system, and a vehicle to explore the island.
That's the good news. The bad new is - you are still on the island!
Using all of the skills you have developed, design a way to leave the island and travel home. Or, if you want to, you can continue your trip!
Design Questions
What type of transportation do you want to design?
What type of energy does it use?
How will you control the flow of energy?

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