Parkersburg LEGO Camp

June 24 -25, 2011

Six 9 to 11 year olds spent 4 two hour sessions learning about LEGO Engineering

LEGO Camp.

The first projects were built from the Yellow mini sets to learn about gears, pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles.

Levers and pneumatics.




All together.
The goal is to learn make a systems engineering project.

The first challenge project was to make a long enough lever project to reach the ceiling.

Then they used the red Simple Motorized Machine sets to build motorized car and gate.

We used WeDo to program them.
Check out the Links below to run projects remotely at Marshall University.

Break time and lunch was by the pool

Back to work. Build projects with red Simple Motorized Machine sets

and WeDo.

The second challenge was to build a car powered by rubberband.


First session last day started with a choice pick of the yellow mini sets.

This building Challenge was a wind car.

The introduction to the Mechanical Engineering sets was to build a walking machine.

The afternoon was the major build and organization for the BIG SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PROJECT.

They built components and put them together and got all the parts to work together.

The parents came to see all the projects


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