Biomedical Engineering Creationary

December 7, 2010
We have been researching many biomedical tools these last few months.
Today we had fun.
We tried to come up with some cards for the Creationary game that were on Medicine.

There were some cards that had one appropriate thing to build.
We came up with enough ideas to make body part, structures, vehicle, and tool  on 10 cards.


Creationary with Biomedical technology theme.
We have 10 cards with 4 projects each.
The green upper left section is organs or body parts such as a broken leg.
The yellow upper right section is vehicles such as ambulance or racing wheel chair.
The red lower left section is a building or structure such as and emergency room or hospital bed.
The blue lower right section is a biomedical tool such as pill dispenser or cast cutter.

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