4 Newtons

October 20, 2010

Theses students are going to build force gages for the bridge.

The bridge is like the one at Marshall University.  You can drive the car over it.
  • Web camera on http://legocamera.marshall.edu
  • Teleoperate AppaLEGO CITY at http://lego.marshall.edu

  • NASA site of Remote Sensing on http://SENSORSCITY.marshall.edu

    See the rack and pinion?

    Pressing on the end of the spring moves the indicator around.

    It is hard to deform the rectangle.

    Pushing on the bridge can deform it.

    See how many Newtons of force when pushing at different places.

    How much can the bridge hold?

    This much?

    OK 5 Newtons on each side
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