Mars Virtual Space Camp 2
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Virtual Space Camp Mars
Communications Tower on Lander
Robotic Arm
Teleoperation with Red Rover program
Programming the robotic arm
Trying out rover on lander
Robotic arm program 2 works as planned
Driving on Mars

 Pictures from Davis Creek Elementary
 Pictures taken over the internet
Rock crusher
Robotic arm on RCX rover, 6 wheeled rover, and UV shield
arm 2 on lander
Colony complex is three stories
 Panorama backdrop
Rover with RCX fixed gave better range but it was harder to avoid wire problems.
Teleoperating the RCX rover with arm
A Mars box
Thank you for the help with pictures.
The room in MU Continuing Ed building, Cabell Hall, was terrific.
Remote control was easy compared to teleoperating.
Programming music
Mrs Simon went to Davis Creek for the afternoon.
Building lander from RoboLab starter set.
Teleoperating with no peeking.
Timer was set to keep track of time for writing logs.
Setting up mars teleoperating area
How did he get out there?
Working on greenhouse
Camera was fun after a while.
You can take your own picture with the rover camera.
Red Rover Goes to Mars and Windows on Mars Videos.  Control Lab
Magnet to pick up samples
April 29, 2000
Description of Virtual Space Camp 2
Mission Specialists
MU Virtual Space Camp 2000 
Mars Millennium Project
Marshall University Continuing  Education
Linda Hamilton
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