RTI LEGO Transportation Workshops 2000 - 2001

 AppaLEGO Grant continues the k12 outreach 2001 - 2002
with TO2W and Internet Transportation on the LEGO  SENSORSCITY

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Intelligent Transportation Systems 
Using LEGO Robotics
at Marshall University
First Workshop June 5-9, 2000
Second Workshop July 17-21
Third Workshop July 31 - August 5 
Summer LEGO Fun 
Amusement Park, Merry-go-round, and Cars
July 12 and 14, 2000 
Cabell Hall 101 
DUPLO Week August 7-11, 2000
Cabell Hall 
Red Rover Teleoperation Davis Creek Red Rover
LEGO Transportation 6/6/2000 Getting Setup for Workshops
LEGO Soccer Truck Trip Information Gathering Trip
Area Traffic Control  Research on Area Traffic Intersections
Summit 21 Intermodal Conference
Lesson Plans -Student Projects and Teacher ideas LEGO Projects for Math/Science, Technology and Transportation 

Teleoperate the LEGO CITY through the SENSORCITY site.

LEGO Transportation RTI Summer 2001 workshop information poster
LEGO Transportation RTI Summer 2000 workshop information poster

Appalachian Transportation Institute LEGO K12 Outreach
RTI link to LEGO Intelligent Transportation Systems is on Technology Transfer pages

Linda Hamilton
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