Appalachian Transportation Institute at Marshall University
Intelligent Transportation Systems
LEGO Robotics
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Transportation on Wheels
K 12 Outreach
Programming  with ROBOLAB
Intelligent vehicle travels the roads.
Working in back of classroom
Setting up materials

Marshall University Student Assistants and middle school students learn about
transportation by building and programming LEGO Robots.

The Appalachian Transportation Institute (ATI), a University Transportation
Center of the United States Department of Transportation, was established at
Marshall University in July 1999. ATI will perform various activities to facilitate
the transportation and land use policy in the Appalachian region, especially in
Southern West Virginia.  The Institute will assist government transportation
agencies and economic development officials in the decision making process
for optimizing economical benefits for transportation investments.
LEGO Balloon Cars
Rubber band cars
"Puff" cars
rubberband car
Speed Trap
Summit 21
Linda Hamilton
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
13 May MM

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