Intelligent Transportation Outreach at Marshall University through LEGO robotics projects
of Linda Hamilton has taken on various facets.
Hamilton�s LEGO robotics outreach projects include training Marshall University
students to assist in K-12 robotics projects through
Transportation Outreach on Wheels;
performing numerous outreach activities at local elementary, middle, and high schools;
conducting workshops with various groups;
and maintaining the physical and web presence of the LEGO SENSORS CITY site
and Red Rover Teleoperation.

The LEGO web site includes pictorial reports of projects at Davis Creek Elementary,
Barboursville Middle School, Miller Elementary, and Spring Hill Elementary
along with many other robotics project pictures.
See �Current Year� at
for ongoing LEGO robotics projects for all the schools

The LEGO CITY, located on the second floor of
Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Institute at Marshall University,
enables teachers, media representatives, Marshall University professors and students,
parents, and others to see the robotics and operate the LEGO CITY first hand.
People anywhere in the world can teleoperate various components through the Red Rover software.
Through RoboLab software, students can write and run their own programs
and in return obtain the sensor data from their missions.
Linda Hamilton maintains the transportation scenarios for the physical set ups
that are changed each month.
The public transportation can be operated through Red Rover software
and programmed with RoboLab and sent through the web to SENSORSCITY.
The science that can be done with the RCX and programming in RoboLab
can and will be used for science projects.
The materials serve as a resource for students throughout Appalachia and beyond.

For more information on LEGO robotics, please call Linda Hamilton at  (304) 696-7166
or at

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