Barbourville Middle School English Class
Programming the Car
Teleoperating the ATI CITY and Davis Creek ROVER
The ATI City as seen from Barboursville.The Davis Creek Rover April 2001Camera at Barboursville is black and white.
April 20, 2001
Starting with PILOT in ROBOLABTRUCK shirt as background for Car

A ROBOLAB program
See RoboLab Investigator page
Down load program to RCX.Push green button and watch the car go.

Teleroperating the CITY from Barboursville.Nick J. Rahall, II ATI CITYMrs. Bickel's 6th gradeHappy Birthday from Davis Creek.

Message000=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 15:30:03 2001
Message001=Bye for today from LH.
Message002=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 15:21:58 2001
Message003=We disconnect from DC and
Message004=connected to CITY
Message009=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 15:10:43 2001
Message010=Thank You.
Message012=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 15:10:17 2001
Message013=Kim, great ! You did it.
Message015=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 15:09:31 2001
Message016=We are going to try again
Message017=Can you see when we are on?  LH
Message018=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 15:07:27 2001
Message019=We are going to try the CITY again.
Message020=Bye. LH
Message021=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 15:04:04 2001
Message022=THANK YOU!
Message028=This is Patrick's birthday.
Message030=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 14:48:16 2001
Message031=Who is going to visit 6th grade from DC? LH
Message037=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 14:43:57 2001
Message038=Hi to Cheslsea from Robby
Message044=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 14:35:52 2001
Message045=Hi to Chelsea and Logan.
Message048=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 14:34:43 2001
Message049=I can not connect to
Message050= please try. LH
Message051=From Red_Rover on Fri Apr 20 14:33:39 2001
Message052=Hi to DC from LH at Bville.


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