at Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute
in Marshall University
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The Red Rover Red Rover earth site software is to be used only by those working with the LEGO Red Rover CITY site of
Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute, WV.

The software for remote Teleoperating the LEGO City at Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute
for PC Windows 95  (Win 98) is Red Rover, which is zipped as for the LEGO CITY.
Unzip this file
If you need WinZip access this link Unzip.

 If you have doubts about the intructions, once you have started the installation, you can always come back to this screen pressing the "Alt" and "Tab" buttons on the keyboard at the same time and vice versa.

Once you have unzipped the file, then double click on the Setup.exe that has a computer icon.

(Note: everything is default except that you are to install as an EARTH site and the IP address - - will need to be typed in.)

Now follow the next steps:

Now the RedRover 4.02 has been installed in your computer. You can access it pressing the "Start" button located in the bottom left corner.
Access the Programs Menu and look for the Red Rover menu, and click for the RedRover 4.02 icon.

After the movie is shown a control panel will appear.

With the mouse click the "CONNECT" option that is located at the upper left corner.
Now you can see our LEGO city and control the monorail with the directional buttons located at the bottom of the panel.
You can also send messages to us by clicking the "SEND" button located at the middle top of the panel and a new window will appear.
Type the message and when finished click the "SEND" button.

If you want to terminate the program click the "EXIT" button located at the upper right corner of the panel.


Linda Hamilton
Math Dept. Marshall University, WV, USA
Smith Hall 746
304 696 3043

Note:  Connect is on the upper left.
Click SEND and you will be able to type a message.
The DNS is