March 29, 2001
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Doing and seeing is great for learning science.  As in real space exploration, being at remote places is not always possible.  It would be great to be on Mars - but so far only traveling around on Mars has been by robotics.  Students at Davis Creek Elementary, Barboursville Middle and Big Creek High have been trying their hand at modeling that exploration with LEGO robotics. Programming autonomous rovers and teleoperating rovers with RED ROVER software modeled some of the aspects of space exploration.  Students have developed solutions to the problems that arise when exploring with only information from sensors and camera. They have been able to accomplish tasks such as gathering samples remotely.  However, as in real exploration, there needs to be a way to get the material back to earth.  This challenge today was to launch a rocket remotely.  After all there is no one on Mars to push the button.

Connected through the internet on RED ROVER from the Planetary Society
Big Creek, Davis Creek, and Barboursville drove rovers.

At Barboursville Middle school in WV, the entire school came out for the launch.

The newscasters were seen by the students at Davis Creek and Big Creek
through the camera connected to the computer in Mrs. Bickel's room.

Those at the other end could type back what they saw
This picture was captured at Davis Creek.
and capture pictures on their computers.
The two images as slightly different because of different delay time.
The two images are slightly different because of different delay times.
Students watched as the rocket launched.
Watching is exciting.

Being there was exciting.

Mrs. Simon, at Davis Creek took pictures of the computer pictures that were seen there.

The FIRST LEGO League talked with the Channel 3 NEWS.

Thank you for coming to see our project at Barboursville Middle School.

Linda Hamilton

Rocket Launch in News Intro
Rocket Launch by LEGO Robotics and Red Rover in the NEWS

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