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Christmas Factory MM  Mars Colony 2001  Candy Factory   Toon Machine  systems engineering projects
ROCKET LAUNCH by Red Rover from Davis Creek, Barboursville Middle, and Big Creek
Survivors Workshop (CAD)   Robotics Workshop 28 Cot MM
WV FAIR 2003
Summer 2000 Appalachian Transportation Workshops   AppaLEGO City
Virtual Space Camp 2 April 2000   Virtual Space Camp July 1999
Marshall March Madness for Math and Science 2000     Math Awareness Month 99
DUPLO Camp Info 2001    April MM  DUPLO Week July 1999
Australia - Davis Creek Connection  Mars Red RoverAUSTRALIAN CONNECTION PART II,   Part III
Davis Creek Elementary Projects Site Map  as part of a NASA grant - Power Point
Davis Creek LEGO CAD Projects 2000
Davis Creek Elementary 98-99
Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe
Red Rover     Mars Red Rover Project  TV 13.6 M  mpg
Engineering Projects 98-99  a MUFLA interest group Pictures through fall 98
LEGO CAD page at Cybertoys
Mystery Object  Straw Rockets activities and Lesson Plans
Camp June 99 at Marshall University Continuing Ed
Summer 98 Camp at Marshall University Continuing Ed
Engineer's Club 1998
Davis Creek Elementary 97-98
May 1996   December 1996
Robotics A Trip to Tufts for ROBOLABTM
Robotics at Davis Creek: Summer 2000
ROBOLABTM projects
Getting Ready for Launch 2000  2001  . ROCKET Launch  in NEWS
ISAT . Fall 2002
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