Balloon Car

The balloon can easily and snugly fit in a 1 by 2 space.

Ideas to think about:

Which way the balloon opens

Horizontal to vertical stability

Balloon staying away from tires

Davis Creek Elementary
January 7, 2003

These students used LEGO elements from their LEGO Motorized Simple Machine sets
to do a Balloon car challenge.

Try to make a car go with just a balloon.

A good balloon helps.  It is nice if it is big and new.
Trying to keep the car together and not have it fall apart from the pressure of the balloon is harder than it looked.
The horizontal to vertical bracing - vertical beam connected to two beams with two plates between
keeps the model stable.

Without horizontal to vertical stability the balloon will knock off the LEGO elements.

Without a way to keep the balloon away from tires the balloon will stop the car.


This plan works.

Another idea

The above car is on  user name is

How about your idea?

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5th grade - 23 students