Build a City

After the parts were made and moved into the middle of the room
the students helped put together the train track.
Then they got to run the  trains and tell about their parts of the city.
After they dismantled the city they ate their lunch.

February 28, 2011

What career are you thinking about for yourself when you grow up?
Each group of three is to build a vehicle, a place to work, and a place to live.

Transportation, a Place to Live, and  a Place to Work
using LEGO® Duplo® Materials to be constructive, learn about careers, and build a city.

December 19, 2005
After discussing occupations on Friday and organizing teams and idea,
The Davis Creek Fifth grade was ready to build an entire city
with places to live and work and transportation to get from one place to another.

Each group tells about their building projects - where to live and work and the transportation.

TAG City
at the  AppaLEGO City

May 19, 2008

Build a City

St. Joseph
May 12, 2009
 Use DUPLO® and LEGO® elements to
build city neighborhoods, places to work, and vehicles.

See each summer for City Builds at a Library

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