for Crimping Machine

Handle near the bottom works easier.

Large drive gear.                                                    Small drive gear.
Which way is faster?  Which way crimps easier?

The same project cane be done with standard size LEGO beams and gears. *
The idea of the crimping machine is to actually feel the difference between having a large or having a small drive gear
when working with different gear ratios.

The gear used on the axle in the motor needs to be the smallest one.
The driver gear needs to be an 8 tooth gear instead of the 40 tooth gear.
If the 40 tooth gear is the driver it is very difficult to turn.

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The following is email from a teacher in MD.
"Thank you for the information.  I took your advice and had the 1st grade class build the crimping machine with the regular LEGO size pieces.  They had a ball doing it and at the end of the lesson we talked about gears, the teeth, and meshing.  They took their projects to the Kindergarten class and gave each child in that class a crimping machine.  The recipients were  very happy.  The 1st graders will get them back by Tuesday so they can create an art project."