"Mystery Object"
Here is an idea for a LEGO Dacta  building activity which you can try out by yourself or use with your students.

Red Yellow Black
eye   1  
2x2 1 7 4
2x3   1 1
2x4   1  
Total          1            10          5                  16 bricks

Hint: do feet last.

Try this as a communication project: Make the 3D object  from the 2D instructions.  (It is more difficult than you might think.)
The next step is working in pairs to build a project using only oral communication.  The first pair
project is done as follows:  Two students sit either back to back or with a barrier between them
so that they can hear each other but not get any visual hints.  Taking turns, a piece is chosen and
orally described.  Then, with out feedback, instructions are given as to how to place it.  The other
student follows the instructions. The next piece and placement are chosen by the other student.
They alternate giving oral instructions until all the pieces are placed and then look to see how
closely alike the objects are.
For the second pair project, encourage feedback.

If you - or your students- wish to make more "mystery objects' here is a master for you to copy.

frontbackleft right

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