Building jobs through Transportation.
Transportation, a Place to Live, and
a Place to Work
using LEGO® Duplo® Materials
to be constructive, learn about careers, and build a city.

What career are you thinking about for yourself when you grow up?
Each person or group is to build a vehicle, a place to work, and a place to live.

Blocks Government Buildings/ Stores/Mall/Restaurants/
Movies/Beauty Salons/
Books Stores/factories/Cafe
Toolo Construction site/Vehicles
Transportation  Airport/Planes/Baggage carts/
Car Repair/Gas Stations
Interesting  Library/Post Office/Parks/Mall
Tram/Train/Track  Train station
People  School/Dentist/Bank/University
Animals  Zoo/Zoo Tram/Circus
Tubes and Balls  Parks/Amusement 
Plates large and small Gas station/repair/Factories
Farm 1 and 2  Barns/gardens
Houses 1, 2 , and white  Hospital/School/Bus Barn/Homes/Apartment Buildings
Soft  Flood wall 
Primo  Playground
Quatro  Skyscrapers/Mansions/hotels
Store Grocery Store
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Using LEGO® Educational Materials 
$50 for up to 2 hours.Linda Hamilton