Summer 2005
FIRST LEGO League Team Time 2004

LEGO Robotics Club
Continuing Education Duplo and LEGO Classes January, February 2005

LEGO City Visitors
Science Fair April 2, 2005
Career Day October 4, 2004
RCX Robot and Homer Hickam October 22, 2004
Davis Creek Elementary
Barboursville Middle
Spring Hill Elementary
Miller Elementary
Village of Barboursville
Highlawn Elementary
Hite-Saunders Elementary
Culloden Elementary
St. Joseph
Student Aspect
West Middle

Cabell Libraries November 2004
Christmas Lights at Marshall University  2004
Success by 6 January 29, 2005

Conferences 2004
LEGO Robotics at NASA Conference 
SENSORSCITY Presentation at RoboLab Conference and Pictures
WV Technology Conference
MTH 121
Robot Rates
Standard Deviation

Example of LEGO Projects By Age

Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu
  • Webpages and pictures on http://www.marshall.edu/LEGO
  • Web camera on http://legocamera.marshall.edu
  • NASA site of Remote Sensing on http://SENSORSCITY.marshall.edu
  • Teleoperate the LEGO City on LEGO.Marshall.edu