Duplo Projects at Pea Ridge Elementary
March MM  Linda Hamilton

For four Wednesdays in March MM students at Pea Ridge Elementary school in Huntington, WV, had after school projects.
Linda Hamilton worked with 1st graders.  They use LEGO Dacta materials to learn math/ science concepts and do problem solving.
The last week the 4-5th graders worked together with this group to put on a play.
Problem 1
A tree has fallen in front of the bus taking students back to school from a field trip.
How can the students get back to school?
First students learned about gears and used  instructions to build models.
Then students were presented with the story problem that they worked out on their own.
Perhaps phones could be used to get help.  A helicopter with a hook was an idea.
A bus and tree was made. Rescue people and trucks were made.
Students came up with ideas, planned their projects, and worked together to make their models.

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