Gears and Balance

March 31, 2011

This 1st grade is learning about gears and levers by building some projects.
Blue gear has 8 teeth.
Gears have teeth that can mesh with other gears.

Gears can be used to speed up motion.

Gears can be used to change speed.

My camera is working weird.  I am glad the teacher is taking good pictures.

Even number of gears makes the motion in opposite directions.
Odd number of gears makes the motion in the same direction.

Top uses gearing up.

Paper run though meshed gears get crimped.

They are making the paper crimping machines.

This is balanced under its center of gravity.
It can be turned around by blowing.

Top uses gearing up.

Teeter totter can balance with the same number of blocks on each side.
Or have the distance different if the umber of blocks is different.

Merry go round.

Eyes can go the same way with an idler gear in the middle.

The crimping machine makes great looking paper.
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