with Linda Hamilton of the Math Department at Marshall University
went to the Success By 6, Super Kids, Super Families, Super Bowl Saturday
sponsored by the United Way
January 27, 2001
From Counting to sorting to problem solving - LEGO projects are math.
From the very young to the not young enjoyed the hands on activity.

After reading in the news paper of yet another study that shows that students whose parents are involved with their education and schools, it was heartening to see so many parents bringing their children to the United Way's way of getting out information about ways to increase heath and education before six.

So fast they are a blur.

My helper started out a train and connected a balloon string.  The train had many additions and trips around the LEGO area.

These two are so fast they are a blur.

The path around helped the balls stay in.
Thank you, helper.  Nice to see you on TV.

Great Variety of Projects

How high are you?
Thank you, helpers.
Display and Clean Up

See your picture at this click?     Find it on here.

Success by 6  on 20/20/20

Linda Hamilton
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
Thank you Pitsco LEGO Dacta for the stickers for the children.