LEGO Red Rover projects
have been displayed and programmed at
SCORES, Pi Mu Epsilon,
Math Competition, West Virginia Science Fair,
and  Mathematical Association of America
at Marshall University

Students from high schools in WV came to Marshall University for math and science competitions.  It was exciting to have so many get to see Linda Hamilton LEGO k12 outreach math/science projects of  Davis Creek Elementary and other area schools and the projects of the Integrated Science and Technology students of Marshall University.
Davis Creek Red Rover now in color
The Math honorary drove the Davis Creek Red Rover via the internet.
An improvement to the rover camera stand made at SCORES
An improvement to the rover camera stand made at SCORES

Rover in hand and on the ceiling in the Student Union
Variety of people and robots
Variety -  people and robots
People from ISAT watched as the speed trap caught speeders.

Putting a red filter over the camera perhaps makes the Student Union look more Mars like.
Many vehicles explored "Mars"
 Controlling the pinchers on the rover to delivered the brick.

 The camera on the rover took pictures of the LEGO CAD and LEGO Motion on another computer.

We started out with the camera on top of the rover, filming Mars.  With the camera  observing the Davis Creek Rover instead of on it, getting out of sight can be a problem.


Many Rovers

West Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair goes to Mars

Linda Hamilton
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 1 April MM