Spring Hill
Mars Mission
in the News
January 7, 2004

Channel 13 News was there when I went to Spring Hill Elementary from Marshall University.
The FIRST LEGO League team told of their Mission Mars robot and programming it to work as the Mars rover do.
Their rover did projects on a "Mars site".

I had brought my LEGO Mars Rover model of
the SPIRIT Rover on Mars now.
The students and teacher and rover got to be on TV.

The students showed how anyone can connect to LEGO® robotics sites an teleoperate rovers.

SENSORS CITY Camera for live camera view of the 
LEGO.marshall.edu for teleoperating the LEGO CITY and Mars South Pole2
SENSORSCITY.marshall.edu for sending programs for remote sensing
Davis Creek Elementary Cydonia Mars Station

The TAG room built with their motorized simple machine sets
as I set up their LEGO camera and Red Rover software.
As they finished building we had their projects operated through Red Rover.
Students went in the MATH room and saw and operated the projects.

These students connected to TAG class and another student and I, Mrs. Hamilton,
connected to the Math class.
Actually students went back and forth to each room to see how the other side was doing.
That can not bee done from here to Mars.


View of Davis Creek on Red Rover through a LEGO project.
We found out that the power level needs to be very low for a fast robot.
The wires need to be place on the other directions if back is forwards.

The real Mars rover has solar panals, too.
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LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu
16 4th graders
12 5th graders